An interview with 25th Hour Winner Andrea Zick

Let’s find out why Andrea, from OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie, was one of the winners of one of the 25th Hour prizes, thanks to Freedom Brewery.


What is your name, and what do you do?

Andrea Zick , Personal Assistant to General Manager at the OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie


What sustainability work are you championing and how did it feel to be selected as a Freedom champion?

I would say the area of sustainability I shine the most is in community engagement/charity work but many of these initiatives connect with the Reduce, reuse and recycle and reducing food waste as well. I truly believe the restaurant industry can make a huge difference to CO2 emissions and the community and believe we should be leaders in sustainability. It was an honour to be honest as the work I do can only be done because the team at OXO whole heartedly supports me and all of them deserve a shout out for this not only me!!!


Why is it important for staff to be rewarded/ acknowledged for going the extra mile?

Well, any reward just makes you realise that the little extra you do doesn’t go unnoticed and is appreciated I suppose. It also keeps you engaged. Personally I also think this particular award was also about showcasing the amazing work which already happens in restaurants to help making this industry more sustainable.


Please tell us about your 25th hour experience.

I had the most amazing time. Not only did I receive the notification while I was in one of the most sustainable countries on holidays (Costa Rica) – how very befitting- but I was also able to make the 25th hour a trip away to Brighton where I went sailing and could appreciate nature. I am super grateful for the award and appreciation and I would say it allowed me to speak more about what and most importantly why I do what I do. I hope this will plant seeds for others to follow.


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