An interview with 25th Hour Winner Yeshna Mistry

Let’s find out why Yeshna, from Vacherin, was one of the winners of one of the 25th Hour prizes, thanks to Freedom Brewery.


What is your name, and what do you do?

Yeshna Mistry, I head up the sustainability and CSR at London based contract caterer, Vacherin.


What sustainability work are you championing and how did it feel to be selected as a Freedom champion?

I look after all the sustainability objectives of the business including provenance and people initiatives. I’m currently focusing on embedding the ‘reduce reuse recycle’ mantra into all of our team. This includes projects in lowering food waste, encouraging customers to use refillable products as well as purchasing more sustainable options for remaining disposables and training internal staff on how to recycle correctly.

It was lovely to be selected as a Freedom champion. I’m often plugging away to push change in the business so it’s reassuring to be recognised and rewarded for my efforts.


Why is it important for staff to be rewarded/ acknowledged for going the extra mile?

In this industry, staff turnover can be high. As an employee it’s important to feel listened to and valued. You want to be supported in your ideals and if it’s ultimately about making the company better that’s an attitude a company should want to foster.


Please tell us about your 25th hour experience.

I’ve picked a meal for two at Cub in Hoxton. They use considered ingredients and apply sustainable methods to create delicious stuff that does good too. I love eating out and we’re spoilt for choice in the capital but matching ethical food and a great dining experience isn’t always easy to stumble across. This collaboration looks at using seasonal ingredients in a fun format and pushes the sustainability angle into the drinks as well as the food. The set menu looks incredible! I haven’t been yet but I’m booked in for later in the year. More on Cub here.

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