3 restaurants on the island of Ireland recruiting inclusively


This fortnight we’re taking you through hospitality businesses who have checked off one of the ‘To Do’s in the 10 framework areas of our Food Made Good 50 self-assessment tool.

Next up – “We are a socially inclusive recruiter

Why do they bother?

People with different backgrounds and life experiences naturally bring new perspectives, skills, knowledge, and ideas to a company.

Here are some aspects that should be considered:

•  Religion

•  Culture

•  Socio-economic status

•  Work experience and previous career paths

•  Gender identity

•  Physical abilities

•  Sexual orientation

•  Age

•  Education


Here are 3 restaurants on the island of Ireland that are doing just that:


Good Day Deli, Cork

FoodSpace, Dublin

The Yellow Door


Feeling inspired? Take our Food Made Good 50 now, tick off your ‘to-do’s’, and you could feature on our Sustainabilitree blog lists next year!


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