30 Easy Ways to Join the Food Revolution

AUHTOR: Ollie Hunter, The Wheatsheaf Chilton Foliat


In our search for sustainability at the pub we have found that it’s not only an environmental must, but sustainability also equals flavour. By asking ourselves more questions we have created better solutions and made our food even tastier and more unique. ‘30 Easy ways to Join the Food Revolution’ is about bringing good food back to life. It also happens to be wonderful on the economical side, reducing costs, time and energy.

The book is for anyone and everyone, as the title suggests – they are easy ways to get involved in the movement whether you’re a 12-year-old starting to cook for the first time, a 30-something chef looking to streamline their business, or a pensioner looking to eat decent food on a budget.

Chefs are the energy between the field and the fork, a special filter that can turn raw produce into delicious delights. I will always be grateful to the food industry as it so giving… and now we, as an industry have to dig a little deeper to make our work more sustainable. Not only because we are that filter but also because the public look to us for inspiration and knowledge. The more we speak about sustainability, the more it will become normalised… and it will eventually filter into everyone’s life for good.


Top 5 Tips:


Zero Waste – not wasting anything makes food cheaper, more creative and less work.

Use Whole Produce – i.e. whole animals, whole fish and whole vegetables/fruit. Plan the menu, collaborate with others, and make it work.

Farm to Fork – I now spend 20% less on my organic fruit and veg, since buying direct from the farmer as opposed to buying through non-organic wholesalers.

Diversify the ingredients – look to widen the variety of produce you buy; good for the farmers, good for the chef’s palette, good for the customer’s meal.

By-products – when you cook chickpeas or fava beans from scratch, you get a by-product known as aquafaba which you can use to make mayonnaise. Your by-product is actually another product – and it saves on the eggs too.


30 Easy Ways to Join the Food Revolution by Ollie Hunter (Pavilion Books) is out now.


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