4 London restaurants only using responsibly sourced palm oil #FoodMadeGood50Sustainabilitree

sustainable palm oil

Number 4 in our Food Made Good 50 Sustainabilitree series… This fortnight we will be taking you through some of our members who have checked off one of the ‘To Do’s in the 10 framework areas of our Food Made Good 50 self-assessment tool.

Next up – “We only use responsibly sourced palm oil

Why do they bother?

Using sustainably sourced palm oil is crucial to the sustainable production of many products, given that many ‘greener’ alternatives are actually worse for the environment as more yield is needed to supply the same level of demand (e.g. coconut, soya, almonds).

So while, unsustainably sourced palm oil receives a lot of bad press, it is important to remember that when sourced properly and sustainably, it is actually the most eco-friendly alternative.

Look out for certifications such as RSPO!


4 London restaurants who are members and only use responsibly sourced palm oil are:


Home House

Farmstand – Covent Garden

Boundary London


Feeling inspired? Take our Food Made Good 50 now, tick off your ‘to-do’s’, and you could feature on our Sustainabilitree blog lists next year!


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