Petersham and Poco on a plate

It wouldn’t be the Food Made Good Awards without incredible, delicious and sustainable food. With Damian Clisby and his team from Petersham Nurseries at the helm, the 320 guests were never going to be disappointed. And while he wasn’t running up to collect awards, Tom Hunt also oversaw the prep of stunning canapes from his team at Poco.

Damian had leapt at the opportunity to prep a vegetarian menu, despite knowing the challenges this would throw up given the time of year and the potential for a rogue frost or downpour to wreck his plans.

Fortunately the weather gods smiled down on him and the leeks, leaves, wild herbs, aliums and potatoes all appeared right on cue.

And every delicious morsel came with an absolute guarantee of flawless sourcing. Damian and his team know precisely where each and every ingredient is from and how it’s been produced – from the broad bean flour from Essex in the scrumptious starter, to the leeks which were lovingly nurtured in the field by Sutton Community Farm, and the beautiful flowers from Maddocks Organic.

Guests were left buzzing with excitement as the key ingredient for the Honey and Custard Tart came from the uber local Bermondsey Street Bees.

That menu in full:







Flowers, Leaves, Wild Herbs, Roots, Stems & Pulses

main for monthly






Aliums, Pink Fir Potato, & Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire







Spiced Honey & Custard Tart with Brown Butter Ice Cream

And let’s not forget the canapes courtesy of the three-time award winning Poco:

Poco canape 1






Wholemeal fritti Alexanders with aioli, charcoal salt and lemon







Cauliflower leaf kimchi with sesame, Korean chilli and biodynamic spelt

Canape 1






Sour milk spelt scone with smoked labneh, swede and apple chutney and nigella seeds

One notable guest was heard to say that they had never before eaten a vegetarian meal. They left with a broad smile and perfectly full belly.  Even the most died in the wool carnivore couldn’t help but be won over by all this deliciousness. Now that is Food Made Good.



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