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By Caroline Grogan, Climate Coalition

Could you imagine life without your morning cup of coffee? Or that wonderfully sweet and chocolatey dessert? We know we can’t, and we don’t imagine your customers could either, which is why we’re encouraging you to join The Climate Coalition this February to Show The Love for the foods—and all the other things we care deeply about—that are at risk from climate change.

Did you know these five foods are at risk from climate change?

  • Whether it’s that well deserved ice cream in the summer or dark chocolate fix on a winter’s evening, your customers will love chocolate as much as the next person. But as temperatures rise in chocolate producing countries, such as Cote D’Ivoire and Ghana, this sweet treat is at risk of becoming a luxury not many of us will be able to afford.
  • Seafood brings about memories of coastal breaks away for diners, but rising levels of CO2 is leading to ocean acidification which is threatening ocean food sources (including a great British staple—fish and chips!)
  • We’ve seen the rise of some great British cheeses to cheese boards in recent years, including British Brie and Camembert to rival that of French cheese-makers. However, the effects of a global increase in temperature means less rainfall and less pasture for cows, which ultimately affects cheese production and pushes prices up.
  • In a fast-paced world, coffee is a staple for many people in restaurants or on the go. Extreme weather across South America affects coffee harvests, leads to susceptibility of disease, and produces more failed crops—which ultimately means less coffee, at a higher price.
  • Maple syrup provides an interesting twist for breakfast customers and a welcome addition to desserts, but more rainfall in winter and droughts in summer puts sugar maple trees under stress and pushes prices up.

Unless we take action now, and your customers get involved, the foods we love may be at risk. But it’s not too late to protect food from climate change and showcase your sustainable credentials. A world powered by clean and secure energy within a generation is within our reach and the changes and investment needed to protect our world have already begun.

The Climate Coalition’s Show The Love campaign, takes place in February, to coincide with Valentine’s Day, where we can all Show The Love for the people, places and life that we love and want to protect from climate change. If you and your customers love your food, which we expect you do, there are plenty of ways you can get involved and show how much you care.

This year, we’re asking you to:

  • Use social media to promote the action you’re taking to tackle climate change on 9th February, using #ShowTheLove
  • Highlight your most sustainable dishes or whole menu with a green heart
  • Have your staff wear a green heart with pride from 6-14th February
  • Give your customers an extra reason to Show The Love this Valentine’s Day and join organisations as diverse as Manchester United and the Women’s Institute.

Register your interest by contacting Show The Love Campaign Manager Fiona Dear [email protected] and you’ll:

  • Receive a resources pack
  • Feature on the Climate Coalition online map and
  • Have the chance to win a Green Heart Hero Award. If you want to be considered for an award, nominate your restaurant for the best green business initiative.




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