7 food-waste-conscious restaurants to wine and dine in



In the lead up to Christmas, we’ve been taking you through hospitality businesses who have checked off one of the ‘To Do’s in the 10 framework areas of our Food Made Good 50 self-assessment tool.


Next up – “We measure food waste and set reduction targets


Why do they bother?

UK hospitality alone wastes nearly 1 million tonnes of edible food per year in preparation, spoilage, and whatever is left on the plate…

The CO2 that is emitted from this waste is a significant contributor to climate change. That’s why the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 – cutting global food waste by 50% by 2030.

And we all need to work towards reaching this collective target!


So once you’ve finished making the most of your Christmas dinner leftovers, take a trip to one of the below to continue the food-waste-free festivities:


Darwin & Wallace

green drink at darwin & wallace


The Little Deli


Flow Bristol

Spaghetti Tree

Pizza Express


Feeling inspired? Take our Food Made Good 50 now, tick off your ‘to-do’s’, and you could feature on our Sustainabilitree blog lists next year!


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