Adding leftovers to your turnover

By Chris Wilson, co-founder of Too Good To Go UK

600,000 tonnes of food is wasted by restaurants each year, whilst it is estimated that one third of all the food produced worldwide doesn’t even make it as far as a plate.

When you think about the impact of such waste on the environment, as well as the fact that over 1 million UK residents were in receipt of emergency food parcels last year, it just doesn’t make sense for so much edible produce to be thrown away.

Food waste is high on the agenda of environmental and social issues right now and especially so in big cities where apparent affluence can mask deep deprivation. Naturally, cities produce a lot of waste and essentially we’re looking to redistribute that and make a dent on the food waste epidemic that has become more and more prevalent in recent years – it’s not just about providing cheap food.

Too Good To Go – a new takeaway service, completely free of charge, dedicated to cutting the amount of edible food thrown away by restaurants – launched on 1st June in Brighton, followed by Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. Since then, 900 meals and counting have been diverted from the bins to the bellies of curious app users. Since the beginning of August, food lovers in London can now also treat themselves to delicious food at discounted prices.

So far, we’ve partnered with nearly 100 restaurants in London to help rescue surplus restaurant food, destined for landfill. From The Bowler in Covent Garden, Maki Sushi in Spitalfields, and Pepe’s Italian Street Food in Soho, to larger establishments like Jimmy’s World Buffet and the Brazilian El Vaquero – London restaurants have joined us to make a real difference and fight food waste!

This innovative app acts as a link between eateries with excess food and customers. Customers choose a portion of surplus food from a restaurant and place an order, they then present their receipt at the designated pick-up time and fill a TGTG biodegradable takeaway box with the food ordered through the app. You can also watch our YouTube video, which explains the concept very well.

Want to generate additional revenue for your business with food that you would have otherwise thrown away, at the same time as doing your bit for the environment? We will shortly have a dedicated restaurants’ self-registration page on our website but in the meantime, please do register with us by sending an email to [email protected].

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