Are you app for using tech to be more sustainable?

By Victoria Albrecht, Co-founder and Creative Director of YFood

The restaurant industry has historically suffered from inefficiencies – mountains of food are wasted, kitchen space underused and half of the industry still runs on pen and paper. This past year alone, food waste cost UK restaurants an estimated £724million and their kitchens were unused an average of 60% of the time.

However, things have also been looking up this year. Data and technology have been empowering restaurant businesses that are open to innovative technology solutions to optimise their processes and resource planning by giving them greater visibility and transparency along their supply chain and more importantly improve their bottom-lines by controlling costly inefficiencies.

GoKart and ShareDining are two new start-ups whose objectives are to deliver optimisation to restaurants in order to help them operate more sustainably and efficiently – through tech solutions. They are looking for innovative and forward thinking restaurants to work with them on validating and launching their food tech businesses which they believe will be game changers for the hospitality industry.

GoKart is a mobile app that aims to reduce food waste caused by human error at the supply level. Thousands of independent food suppliers currently rely on telesales and answer-phone messages which make them vulnerable to human error. By taking this process mobile, they aim to improve order accuracy and lower costs and wastage in the food supply chain, building a strong foundation for restaurants and their suppliers to prosper in the process. They are committed to understanding the relationship between restaurants and suppliers and how they can facilitate this and help drive customer satisfaction.

ShareDining is a marketplace platform giving food businesses access to flexible, affordable kitchen space and venues the chance to operate more efficiently whilst accessing an additional revenue stream – with existing clients making upwards of £1000 of extra revenue a month for their kitchen out of hours. A significant issue facing small food businesses is finding commercial kitchen space from which to launch or scale economically. In addition, kitchens within existing sites are only used on average 40% of the time, which means their true commercial potential is often unrealised. ShareDining wants to support and grow the existing food ecosystem by matching small food businesses to restaurants, bars, cafes or schools with under-utilised kitchen capacity.

GoKart and ShareDining have been participating in Just Eat’s inaugural accelerator programme, which we at Yfood are proud to be partners of. At YFood our mission is to enable those who are spearheading technology that will enhance the food system for greater good by stimulating an ecosystem for start-ups to flourish. We achieve that by working with brands that are aligned with our mission and encourage them to collaborate with smaller businesses who have solutions that are win-win. Our collaboration with Just Eat on their accelerator programme is one such example, where it is their aim – as is ours – to create a sustainable environment for the food tech industry.

These budding start-ups have restaurant sustainability at the very heart of what they do. In order to build a meaningful product, they are looking to speak to sustainability-minded restaurants to help gather insight to ensure they are developing their products to match the needs of the industry. If you’re interested in helping GoKart and ShareDining hone these sustainable solutions, get in touch now with [email protected]


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