Cash in on compostable cups

Takeaway coffee cups are a very hot topic right now. Blisteringly hot for some. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s BBC One War on Waste programme earlier this summer reported that 2.5 billion of these cups are thrown away every year in the UK and less than 1% get recycled.

This is because most cups have a polyethylene coating (needed to stop leaks) that must be separated before recycling. A number of large coffee shop chains have been a big focus of Hugh’s campaign as many continue to use ‘recycled’ cups that are not in fact recyclable.

There is an alternative, and it’s available now. Switch to compostable coffee cups and tell your customers the good work you are doing to help save our environment.

Biopac coffee cups are produced from certified sustainable board and unlike a conventional coffee cup (lined with a plastic film), Biopac’s cups are lined with a plant starch material to make the cup leakproof. Using a starch film, means that the cups are fully compostable in just 12 weeks and can be disposed of, along with food waste, via ‘In-Vessel’ composting.

Biopac also produce a compostable alternative to the plastic lid which is also made from a plant starch material and is fully compostable. This material contains significantly less (over 50%) embodied carbon than plastic.

Most plastics are derived from Petro chemicals – a finite resource. Using compostable products made from renewable materials has significant environmental benefits. Composting is a great opportunity to divert waste that would otherwise be landfilled — and by composting, you create valuable humus which can benefit future crops.

The British public are increasingly expressing that they want to patronise businesses that use good sustainable practices. Using environmentally friendly packaging shows customers their concerns are shared, and trust and loyalty can be built.

Biopac cups are certified to European standards for compostability – EN13432.

As a Food Made Good Approved Supplier, Biopac is delighted to offer SRA Members a 10% discount on these cups.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to call the Biopac sales team on 01386 555 777 or email [email protected]

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