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From 1 September 2021, The Sustainable Restaurant Association will no longer be a UK membership organisation, but instead a global movement for accelerating change in the hospitality sector. This means that businesses will not pay a membership fee to ‘join the SRA’, but instead will pay that fee to complete the Food Made Good rating, certifying their actions and their commitments to sustainability.  

The SRA will continue to engage the industry in four key ways: 


  1. Community: The Food Made Good community will be the go to platform for your sustainability needs. This platform will be free to use and accessible to anyone working in food service. 
  2. Certification: The SRA will continue to certify foodservice businesses, using the annual Food Made Good Rating and other tools. 
  3. Supplier Programme: The SRA will continue to run a supplier programme, inviting those that supply the industry with sustainable solutions to promote themselves within our network. The supplier programme will continue to have a joining fee, ensuring that those businesses that we promote have been vetted as true solutions for the industry. 
  4. Partnerships: The SRA will continue to develop brand partnerships and deliver content or grow the reach of the SRA 
  5. Consultancy: The SRA will continue to work with businesses to solve challenges and deliver bespoke consulting 

You’re still very much a valued member of the Food Made Good community, but because we think every restaurant and hospitality business needs to be part of this movement, we’re getting rid of the membership fee. This allows us to place the power to ask questions and get answers in the hands of everyone working in hospitality (from chef to GM, business owner to procurement manager) across the globe.

For those businesses who continue to pay fees and complete the Food Made Good Rating: 

  • You hold a valid Food Made Good Rating 
  • You have been awarded 1,2, or 3 stars by the Sustainable Restaurant Assocation 
  • You are working with the Sustainable Restaurant Association 


For those businesses who are active on the community, but have not completed a rating: 

  • You are a part of the Food Made Good community 


For suppliers: 

  • You are a Food Made Good Supplier 


The SRA will also provide the opportunity for you to get door stickers annually to celebrate your rating achievements. 


Please note that the use of the logo is limited to the paid outlets of accredited Food Made Good businesses, and may not be used in conjunction with any subsidiaries or other associated companies without written permission of the SRA. If your marketing materials currently state that you are member of the Sustainable Restaurant Assocation or use the generic Food Made Good logo, we ask that you begin the process of transitioning to the most up to date Food Made Good Rated logo. We understand that these processes do not always happen quickly, and we do allow for a grace period of 6 months before we will begin to ask for removals. For more details on what can and cannot be done with the logo please see our terms and conditions

Yes, the SRA will continue to provide a variety of working groups and networking opportunities available to different levels of businesses. Businesses larger than 20 sites will continue to pay fees that include access to our quarterly working group for Groups and Chains, and we will be continuing to share updates and upcoming opportunities for our whole network.  

The Food Made Good Awards will return, though we aren’t yet ready to share what that might look like. However, as soon as there is news you will be the first to know! 

We will continue to charge suppliers for access and listing on the Food Made Good community. It is our firm belief that by moving the paywall back we will invite more foodservice businesses onto the platform, therefore connecting you to a much larger volume of businesses than ever before. We will continue to charge annual fees which will allow you to list your business on our supplier directory. We will continue to recommend your services to restaurants looking for solutions, and introduce you directly to threads or conversations on the community that fit your area of expertise. We will also only invite Food Made Good suppliers to join us for speaking opportunities or digital and in person networking. If you have further questions about your relationship as a Food Made Good supplier, contact us at [email protected] 

Yes. Food Made Good is a global community. Though the SRA is based in the UK, and our network has largely been made up of businesses across the UK, we have been working on ways to expand our community globally for a number of years. In 2016 we became the Sustainability Partner for the World’s 50 Best, using the Food Made Good Rating as the global standard to measure achievement. In 2019 we launched satellite offices in Hong Kong and in Japan. And from September 2021 we are bringing all of those strands together under one new home- one global Food Made Good community. Those working in hospitality anywhere can join our network, access resources, and share stories, questions and successes. If you are in Hong Kong or Japan you can also join our community on the ground and get started with your rating. If you are anywhere else in the world and you want to undertake a Food Made Good Rating contact us at [email protected]  

That’s ok! You can still be  part of the Food Made Good community. You are still able to stay in the loop and join in the discussion, but you will no longer have an active business page or be listed in our directory without an active rating. As soon as you’re ready you can pay the fees and begin your rating.  

FOOd made good community

There’s no need. They can download the app, set up their own profile and get connected for FREE. They can sign-up here 

If you can, please set up a direct debit or arrange a date for your renewal by emailing [email protected] This will help us immensely in seeing our long-term cashflow.

Absolutely. Everyone has a role to play when it comes to driving change in our industry- why limit the knowledge to one member of your team! 


If your business maintains a valid Food Made Good Rating, you will be given a business profile on the Food Made Good community. This will allow you to link all of your colleagues together, as well as share your business’s goals and achievements with our global community.  

As a Food Made Good rated business you will also have the opportunity to create both private and public groups on the Food Made Good community platform, giving you a dedicated place to connect your colleagues or your network with the information and the issues that matter.  

The rating

Fees associated with the Food Made Good Rating will remain in line with what have been historically known as membership fees. They will be due annually to maintain your valid rating, and the rating itself must be updated every two years. The fees include your full rating report and the accompanying marketing materials. To check how much your fees would be visit  and enter the size of your business 

Now – it’s ready and waiting with your name on it!


We will continue to promote all businesses with valid Food Made Good ratings through the directory on, and, as well as across all of our social channels. As the 2021 rating has only just opened, we will continue to include those businesses with a valid 2018 or 2019 rating, as well as those who are up to date with their fees, and will continue to update this throughout the remainder of the year. Businesses who do not complete a 2021 rating will be removed from our listings in January 2022.  

If you are up to date with your fees, but you have not yet completed the 2021 rating, you will get all of the benefits of being a rated business through the rest of the yearHowever, after the 31 December, you will need to begin the process of bringing your Food Made Good rating up to date, in order to maintain your listing in our directory and your status as a Food Made Good restaurant. For questions about your specific circumstances please contact us on [email protected] 

The Food Made Good Rating is the world’s largest and most comprehensive sustainability certification for Food Service Businesses. The rating allows businesses to take a 360 view of their actions, validate their hard work, benchmark against a broad community of businesses and set goals for the future.  

Additionally, receiving Stars on the Food Made Good rating allows your business to celebrate your hard work, promoting your action to customers and to your industry peers. As a Food Made Good rated business, you will be listed in our community, listed on our diner directories, celebrated in our social media and through our media partnerships as well as accessing exclusive resources, early access to events and networking opportunities and more.  


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