Show the Love

By Jenny Wilson, Project Manager, The Climate Coalition

The Climate Coalition’s annual Show the Love campaign is highlighting the impact that climate change is having on food crops within the UK. As vital leaders in the food industry we would love to get your involvement in the campaign.

The Climate Coalition is a group of over 140 organisations – including the National Trust, Women’s Institute, Oxfam and RSPB – dedicated to action on climate change. Our Show the Love campaign focuses on things that the British public love that are under threat from climate change.  Last year we reported on the effect climate change is having on the sports we love.

This year their focus is on fruit and vegetables grown in the UK that are being affected by extreme weather. They are releasing a report on 5th Feb which will launch the campaign (5th-23rd Feb 2019) and highlight the key issues and solutions. It will include some hard facts and scientific evidence of climate change affecting farmers and crop yields. It will also highlight solutions and people across the supply chain adapting and mitigating climate change – from farmers using new innovative techniques to restaurants paving the way with sustainable practices. With some big names from the foodie world involved we expect the report to gain extensive media coverage and wide-reaching support.

We are looking for restaurants and suppliers to get involved in the campaign – either to be showcased in the report or to show support between 5th and 23rd Feb. If anyone has a great initiative that could be included in the report please do get in touch with me before Christmas – [email protected] 07514 706661. This could be anything from switching to local produce to using renewable energy, becoming zero waste or finding creative ways to up the amount of veg dishes on the menu.

The nation has woken up to the cost of importing food and more British consumers want to eat food grown in the UK, which is fantastic. However, unpredictable weather is damaging crops and reducing yields. The food industry is crucial in leading the way in terms of sustainability and getting the public on board with this issue. As the leaders in this space The Climate Coalition would love to get you all involved in this campaign. Aside from being in the report there are many other ways to get involved and please do contact me if you want more information/resources.


  • Use social media to promote the action that you’re taking to tackle climate change or highlighting the issue in terms of food at risk
    #ShowTheLove  @TheCCoalition Instagram – theclimatecoalition
  • Highlight your most sustainable dishes/whole menu with a green heart (The Climate Coalition’s logo)
  • Distribute leaflets with your menus showcasing the campaign
  • Create/promote a particular dish/menu a being low-carbon and sustainable
  • Get your staff to wear a green heart during the campaign
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