Creating a greener future for bars, one zero waste cocktail at a time

By Tom Tanner

There are many recipes for sustainability. Some are long, complicated and require the investment of time, energy and money. Few can be as simple, tasty, and time-friendly as the Zero Waste Cocktail campaign our new partners Flor de Caña have just launched.

We’re delighted that Food Made Good Global has teamed up with the family-owned Nicaraguan rum company on this monthly campaign running throughout July, to help bars and their customers tackle the global problem that is food waste, one cocktail at a time.

Pubs and bars are invited to get creative and design a cocktail that uses Flor de Caña rum as well as ingredients that would otherwise have been wasted, while also creating no waste in the process.

Simon Heppner, CEO of Food Made Good Global, said: “It’s fantastic to be working with Flor de Caña to take this crucial sustainability message to new sectors in new locations. Working with an ambitious, outward-looking and creative partner like Flor de Caña is the most effective way we can accelerate progressive practice across hospitality, making bars and restaurant a part of a global sustainability solution. Creating a Zero Waste cocktail isn’t going to solve all the sustainability challenges we face but it gives everyone a chance to participate, and we know from experience that once businesses take a first step, great things can happen.”

In addition to benefiting from the promotional activities around the Zero Waste Month campaign with the support of the Carbon Neutral and Fair Trade certified rum company, participating venues will also have exclusive access to a Sustainability 101 training session from the expert team at Food Made Good, designed specifically for mixologists and bar staff. Flor de Caña brand ambassadors, who’ll also receive the bespoke training, will be on hand to support the bars as they create and promote their Zero Waste cocktails.

To take part in this FREE sustainability programme, bars must create a sustainable cocktail made with Flor de Caña rum, ingredients that would otherwise be wasted and create no waste in the process, then submit the recipe, a photo, volume of food rescued per serving and full details to Flor de Caña by June 15th.

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