EATDRINKSLEEP serving up Covid security… safely

By Andrea Worrall, Business Development Consultant, Purazine

Last Summer, during the Eat Out to Help Out month, venues around the country proved that they can operate in a Covid secure way; but as they prepare for reopening post lockdown on 12 April, what is their long term strategy for keeping their clients virus free without harming their own health or the environment?

EatDrinkSleep (EDS) is a multi-award-winning independent group of dining pubs with bedrooms. Since opening The Felin Fach Griffin in Wales in 2000, it’s added two sites in West Cornwall, The Old Coastguard in Mousehole and The Gurnard’s Head near St Ives. EDS prides itself on outstanding food and a relentless focus on service and attention to detail. Owned and run by brothers Charles and Edmund Inkin, the group was also a founder member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association back in 2010

Following the first lockdown, EDS decided to prioritise a disinfectant that would be safe and easy to use without adverse health reactions or damage to furniture or furnishings. It would need to be stored safely, used right across the site and be kind to the environment.

Edmund explains: “We were adamant that the hospitality sector must be at the forefront of Covid safety. We felt the pressure to get this right and our introduction to MicroSafe® helped us to do this. Proven infection control, easily deliverable and, critically at a moment when time mattered more than ever, it caused almost no disruption to the flow of business.”

Available internationally for 20 years, patented and approved, MicroSafe was imported into the UK for the first time by Purazine Ltd in 2020 to help combat the Covid-19 epidemic. Its active ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), a chemical naturally produced by the human immune system. It’s non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-harmful and 99.9999% effective in eradicating pathogens, including Covid-19 within 30 seconds. This pH neutral solution is also easily applied by releasing a fine mist into the atmosphere efficiently and effectively, in a process known as ‘fogging’.

Requiring no dilution, special handling or disposal, MicroSafe comes in recyclable containers has a two-year shelf life and presents no harm to humans, plants or aquatic life. It also holds a Good Environmental Choice Australia Ecolabel certification.

Co-Founder of EDS and Ballymaloe-trained chef, Charles Inkin, says: “This is a product that can be fogged anywhere, killing germs and drying in just a minute without having to evacuate areas or wipe down surfaces – requiring almost no additional time or effort. As we all know, additional labour or downtime between guests can really push costs up and reduce profits: we saw MicroSafe as a way around this.”

“This is a product which reduces transmission risk, is easily deliverable, gives confidence to guests and teams alike and, crucially, reduces disruption to business.”

There is mounting concern that many commonly used disinfectants may not be up to the job of dealing with a pandemic due to long contact times (up to 15 minutes), questionable efficacy often with moderate pathogen control (99.9% and not 99.9999%) and possible inclusion of chemicals that could be harmful to health and the environment, especially when used with people present or with the frequency required to prevent spread of the virus.

Eat Drink Sleep is among those restaurants for whom sustainability is as important as the confidence of knowing that their chosen infection control solution is safe for their equipment, staff, patrons as well as the environment. 

You can find out more about Purazine here.

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