Eating the seasons – this month it’s festivals

festivalsBy Matt Viner, SRA Volunteer

This week when told to grab your Wellingtons we are walking/talking about the rubbery rudimentary rain-free variety: boots.

Although perhaps you won’t need them, as the sun shines and the winds are warm this is seemingly turning out to be some great weather for the festival season. What better then, than a quick glance around the room to see who’s here and what goodies they’ve brought with them? So whatever the weather, and be it denim or leather, don your outfits and gather your misfits and read on for a look at what’s on.

Hyde Park. It’s a huge park, in the middle (ish) of London and this summer, this week in fact, it’s going to be full of some of the greatest music there ever was. That’s right, Kylie’s going to be there and so is Taylor Swift! No, I’m being deadly serious these guys are playing, but so too are The Strokes, Beck, Blur and a host of others. If you haven’t already realised I’m referencing British Summer Time Festival. There are a plentiful amount of tickets left so go forth and seek them!

When you think of those classic, immortal artists, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Radiohead, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, they all share one thing in common, they’ve graced the pyramid stage at Glastonbury. When an artist graces that iconic stage, their place is sealed in musical history. There’s a reason why many bands declare their performance at Glastonbury their best ever, it’s not just the sheer size of the festival (pretty sure it’s 300,000 – check that) but the atmosphere that is created at Worthy Farm is one of acceptance, expression, and revelry. Glastonbury embraces all comers from fire-breathers to bank managers. The eclectic mix of acts, stalls, and people is why everyone must experience Glastonbury once. For a guide to some of the best places to re-fuel – well – try this.

It’s got a lake, it’s got Laura Marling and a chuffing great line up: it’s Latitude. Set in the oasis that is Henham Park, Suffolk, this is one for more mellow among you. With the likes of Alt-J, Portishead and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds headlining, it’s certainly set to be a cerebral sensation – whatever that means. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be good though, in fact news on the ground says that it already is good and better than that, it’s AMAZING! (Screamed by thousands of people no doubt). It’s on all weekend so it’s not too late as tickets are still available – if you want to go, simply click here.

Like the weirdo cousin of Glastonbury, Bestival in recent years has become the summer hot spot for thousands of young people to embrace their inner-hippy. Comepoco festival the 10th September, Bestival is seen by many as the perfect exclamation mark to finish off the summer. Brainchild of international DJ Rob Da Bank, in the last few years Bestival’s line-up can only be described as eclectic attracting such headliners as Elton John, Nile Rodgers, Chemical Brother and even Duran Duran. Whatever your taste, there is no doubt you’ll experience some live music you will love. Go back a decade or so and festival food didn’t really add up to much. Now though it’s an integral part of the experience. And you only have to check out the huge array of delicious delights on offer at Bestival to get a flavour of how things have changed.

To a festival Virgin, Reading and Leeds may seem like a daunting prospect. Rowdy crowds descending on the festival, which spans both the north and South of England, provides some unpredictable yet unforgettable scenes. Originally considered a Hard Rock and Punk festival, in recent years R&L has embraced other genres welcoming Hip Hop (Eminem, 2013) Indie (killers 2008, arcade fire 2012) Metal (Metallica) R&L has become a rite of passage for any teenager with a passion for music. Recommend packing: a jacket, some wellies and an open mind.


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