LEON puts flexible working on the menu

by Orla Delargy, Head of Comms, LEON

Today LEON launched a brand new drive to hire flexible workers; team members, managers and support teams.

Family’s a big deal at LEON. We’re named after our co-founder John’s dad and the walls of all our stores are plastered in family photos. But we believe that family isn’t just about blood, it’s about friends and our working community too.

This summer we secured £19m funding which will enable us to open 50 new stores in the next four years and create an additional 1,000 jobs. We are actively looking for people to join our ever-growing family, but want them to have the time and space to be able to care for their own or pursue their passions.

We already have a number of team members who work flexibly but from now on we intend to make it clear when recruiting that we are happy to discuss flexible working arrangements.

Debra Maccow, a training manager in LEON, works in a LEON store where the opening hours give her time to also care for her daughter. She summed up flexible working like this “I think everyone deserves a chance to work, whether they’re a mum, or have someone to look after.”

For senior managers and specialist staff we will also join the ‘Hire Me My Way’ campaign on flexible working for those on £20k or more (FTE). Currently 54% of the workforce already has an element of flexibility about their role. However only 8.7% of jobs paid £20,000 or more (FTE) are advertised with part-time or flexible options. This means that lots of people are unable to move on to other jobs. And we don’t think that’s fair.

So from now on we will make it clear exactly which roles are available to flexible workers and will say we are open to discussing the possibility of flexible working options during the recruitment process. We also pledge to examine remaining roles and ask what more can be done to make them available.

Helping our people balance work and home keeps them well. And that makes us happy.


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