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By Adam Hyman, Founder of CODE

What was it that Alanis Morissette sang? Isn’t it ironic.

It was sitting in a restaurant a couple of years back that the idea for the CODE app was realised. I was with some industry folk who’d been invited in to check out a pal’s new restaurant. At some point during the evening, someone around the table said they wish they could afford to eat out more. That struck a chord with me.

The industry is so full of passionate, skilled people from all different backgrounds who work long hours in some of the best restaurants in the world yet the irony was that a lot of them couldn’t really afford to eat in the restaurants they work in. Like most professions, one of the best ways to further your career and to develop as an individual is to learn from the best. The hospitality industry is no different. How can you expect a chef to cook the best plate of food, or a waiter to give a customer the best hospitality if they themselves have never experienced it?

The CODE app was established to address these issues and to also highlight the generosity that exists within the industry. The app provides anyone working in hospitality access to curated dining offers across some of the best restaurants in the UK at industry friendly prices during times when they are most likely to be off work. It also allows restaurants to attract an industry crowd during quieter trading times. It currently operates in London, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Leeds and York. It will launch internationally in 2016 with New York closely followed by Dublin.

At CODE we want to provide a global hospitality community through our online platform that in turn allows people to connect in person. We host regular industry drinks nights that give people from all levels in hospitality an opportunity to meet their peers in relaxed surroundings. The industry is at a crucial cycle in time that needs more people to pursue a career in it and for parents and the younger generations to take note that it’s not a part-time job for the summer or an opportunity to earn some extra cash before deciding on a proper career. CODE always aims to be a positive mouthpiece for the industry and is greatly encouraged by the positive measures that are being made across the industry to promote and implement better working conditions.

We also publish The CODE Bulletin – the industry’s favourite weekly e-newsletter – in London and New York and the CODE Quarterly print magazine. CODE Online acts a knowledge hub for the industry with a dedicated jobs board, featuring senior vacancies across the mid-to-high-end restaurant industry in London and internationally.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact Adam Hyman: [email protected] or 020 7104 2007.

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