3 Bristol-based restaurants whose menus are at least 50% vegetarian | #FoodMadeGood50Sustainabilitree


The second in our Food Made Good 50 Sustainabilitree series… This fortnight we’re running through some of our members who have checked off one of the ‘To Do’s in the 10 framework areas of our Food Made Good 50 self-assessment tool.


Food Made Good 50 area checked off: “At least half of our menu is vegetarian”


Why do they bother?

Reducing the amount of meat on your menu is the most effective way to reduce personal and business carbon footprints – so serving up veg-led menus is the way forward!


Take a trip to one of the 3 Bristol-based restaurants below, living up to the very green city’s reputation:

The Vegetable Diva

The Vegetable Diva

Flow Bristol

Poco Tapas Bar



Feeling inspired? Take our Food Made Good 50 now, tick off your ‘to-do’s’, and you could feature on our Sustainabilitree blog lists next year!


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