Food Made Good Awards 2019: Preparing to enter


Ask any chef and they’ll tell you nine tenths of a great dish is in the prep. Nail that and you’ll have happy customers.

The same rules apply for entering awards. Here’s what you need to do before pressing the submit button on your Food Made Good Awards 2019 entry. You’ve got to crack a few eggs to make the perfect omelette. Here’s our half dozen tips to help you ready yourself for the perfect awards entry.

  1. Just as you would check out all the available ingredients before creating a new dish, be sure to read through all 20 categories so you know which ones you’re best entering. We love multiples entries, but to make the best use of your valuable time and to give you the best chance of making it onto the stage at Troxy on 5th November, best to zero in on the categories where you’re strongest
  2. You’ve lined up the categories to focus on, the same as you would your signature dishes. Have you got all the right tools and equipment to hand to serve them up? To do that, you’ll need to ensure you know what the criteria are for each category. Check them out here.
  3. Remember that to enter the ten awards representing the ten key areas of the SRA’s Sustainability Framework you’ll need a valid Food Made Good Sustainability Rating and to have achieved at least 50% in your chosen category.
  4. The proof of a great dish is in the eating. And a great awards entry is in the reading. So take time to gather together all in the ingredients. As well as your valid rating, you’ll need to provide some really flavoursome additions in the form of a successful initiative from the last 12 months
  5. Prepping the most dazzling dish will impress nobody if you don’t do it justice on the menu. If possible, pull in the help of a wordsmith to describe your achievement, that way there’s much better chance of the judges choosing it off the menu.
  6. No one won acclaim for a dish they rushed. Likewise, few awards are won by those who hurry their application. That means – DON’T LEAVE IT TO THE LAST MINUTE. The deadline is 13 September – why not set yourself a goal of completing it two weeks earlier and then have the luxury of being to review it – like you’d test a new dish.

Now get cracking!



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