Food Made Good Awards Winners #2 – The Wheatsheaf

In this blog series, we are sharing words of wisdom from members – beginning with awards winners – to help you make food good. Next up is Ollie Hunter from our Business of the Year 2019 award winner, The Wheatsheaf Chilton Foliat


What have you got planned in 2020 to do more and go further  – to make food even better?

Away from the pub, I have a sustainable cookbook being published on February 6th, and from that Lauren and I are starting a campaign called 30 Food which will allow everyone to afford decent organic and sustainable foods.

At the pub – our aim is to design the pub without a bin – like the restaurant Silo. This will be incredibly hard as being a pub we’re controlled by certain parameters, whereas a restaurant can be whatever it wants to be. We are also aim to buy only organic food.


And what are your three top tips for others looking to emulate your success? 

  1. Sustainability is the best economic model as well – reducing waste, reduces costs. Buying from local farms will reduce the price of produce. Look to install a Voltage Optimiser – Beco UK – depending on where you are, you can reduce the voltage you’re using by up to 20% saving 20% on bills.
  2. Cooking Zero Waste saves on waste, makes you more creative and makes the establishment more unique. Sustainability equals flavour.
  3. Tackle the everyday problems to create a larger solution. Problem solving – every problem you solve, even if it’s done over a couple of pints, is one step forward to a greater product. We had no idea when we started making our own crisps that they would be so popular – people started coming just to taste the crisps – because they were different, tasty and unique.


Read all about all the Food Made Good Awards 2019 here. 

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