Free range dairy – the cream of the crop

Free Range milk is here! Well, in London, for a start. Yes, restaurants including SRA Members, The Hospital Club and Petrichor at The Cavendish Hotel are the first to take delivery of this premium product.

We’re been working behind the scenes with the Community Interest Company Free Range Dairy, co-founded by Neil Darwent, 2014 BBC Outstanding Farmer of the Year, and Food Made Good Approved dairy Supplier Foodspeed.

Pasture Promise

Now the milk which comes with the Pasture Promise label is in the fridges of a number of London kitchens and the plan is to widen the distribution to parts of the country over the coming months.

The Pasture Promise ensures that the cows graze for at least six months of the year outside on pasture produced AND pays a premium to the farmers producing it. The milk comes from farms in Gloucestershire and is processed by Cotteswold Dairy.

So, as our MD Mark Linehan says, everyone’s a winner. “Most people would assume that the milk they drink comes from cows that graze out in the field. But an increasing volume of milk comes from cows kept intensively indoors. Free Range milk is helping to reconnect people with where their food and drink comes from, while also providing a better deal for farmers, chefs, consumers and, importantly, the cows. Sourcing Free Range milk clearly demonstrates a commitment to these principles and we would encourage all restaurants to think about where their milk comes from.”

With increasing volumes of milk in the supply chain coming from cows kept indoors throughout the year and the continuing crisis affecting dairy farming, we believe Free Range Milk offers SRA Members a means to support UK dairy farmers and extensive farming., while offering customers a premium product.

Chef’s seal of approval

Duncan Cruickshanks, Head Chef of The Hospital Club says he’s delighted with the quality and taste of Free Range Milk and his barista Paulo is impressed with its taste and frothing qualities. He’s also delighted to be supporting the principles behind the product.

“Instead of intensifying dairy farming, we should be looking to support a way of farming that makes the most of pasture, this country’s abundant natural resource. It has provided us with the best milk possible for generations and supporting initiatives like Free Range Dairy means we will have this milk for generations to come.“

One of the first things Nitin Padwal, Head Chef at Petrichor, did was create a Pasture Promise milkshake with matcha powder and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Nitin adds: “We decided to offer free range milk as I strongly believe that it promotes a dairy system that lets cows graze freely , supports a low impact farming system that works with its environment and rural communities and helps secure a bonus for Free Range farmers. I urge to all hospitality businesses to start using it as the volumes will go up it will only mean a better deal for local farmers.”

Carol Lever, Director of Free Range Dairy, said: “I’m so proud of what Free Range Dairy CIC is achieving, a sustainable milk product giving cows the freedom to graze and supports British Dairy farmers. But having an ethical product is only half the story, it has to taste great and perform well. People are loving the milk, feedback says people can taste the difference and it’s frothing really well in coffees.”

If you’d like to support British dairy farmers and cows and serve your customers a premium product or would like more information about Free Range Dairy, then please contact your Account Manager.

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