Freedom Brewery’s own Champion



As the Food Made Good Award’s approaches and as sponsors of the Food Made Good Champion we thought we’d champion a member of our team who has gone that extra mile in helping us pursue our ambitions to produce a sustainable, natural and fantastic lager that everyone can enjoy.

At Freedom we have always done things a little differently, you could say it’s in our name. Based in rural Staffordshire but born in London we’ve been brewing for nearly 25 years, but our ethos and attitude towards beer has never changed. We don’t do compromises, we never have and never will because you deserve a better lager.

Our brewers have an unparalleled attitude and passion for beer, you can be talking about hops for a while at the water cooler if you get them started. And that is exactly the type of person we want in charge of making consistently brilliantly lagers.

One of those brewers, Steve Woody, regularly champions our beer at events, to customers and in his local. Woody knows our beers inside and out and is involved in the entire brewing process to deliver the beers our consumers know and love.

As a brewer there isn’t a day that goes by when Woody isn’t testing and tasting the beers ensuring they’re up to scratch. A slight perk of the job but an important one nonetheless. Woody will know every tiny detail of the flavours and immediately spot if the beer is not good enough or is just right. He’s a bit like the Goldilocks of beer (don’t tell him we said that).

Woody is also heavily involved with how we use water sustainably on site. It can take up to 5 pints of water to make 1 pint of beer which wastes a lot of good quality water. However, at Freedom we have a natural reed bed filtration which means we recycle all used water on site and return it to the environment. Water either leaves down the road in beer or is naturally recycled.

Water is a crucial ingredient in beer, bad water means bad beer and we’re lucky enough to have our natural source of water on site that gives a unique flavour to our beers. Woody will perform regular checks on this to ensure it’s always up to scratch and perfect for brewing.

As well as Woody’s incredible work as part of the brewing team he’s also fantastic with a camera and has taken some spectacular photos of the brewery, check out our Instagram to see some of his snaps!


Don’t miss out on your chance to meet the team at Freedom Brewery – along with our other sponsors and inspiring community members – get your tickets now!



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