Goat meat: Don’t bleat – eat

Ever felt persecuted as a carnivore? You could be forgiven for feeling that way. So, here’s some refreshingly meat-positive news to get your teeth into – no kidding.

Yes, goat is the on-trend meat right now and it’s very reassuringly sustainable. Food Made Good restaurant Jar Kitchen is just one of a number to have discovered its delights and to be sharing it with their diners. And if eating on the hoof is more your style, then you’re in luck, as just this week Gourmet Goat in London’s food Mecca, Borough Market, joined the Food Made Good gang.

You see, you probably never stopped to think about what happened to all those billy goat kids, did you? Well they’re surplus to the requirements of the dairy industry and without putting too fine a point on it, their life expectancy is generally short. But as we develop more of a taste for all things goat, their lives are now not in peril.

Jar Kitchen was looking for something new for its monthly supper clubs. They came across Cabrito Goat Meat and the rest as they say is history. Experimental dishes like Coca Cola goat ribs, cured goat and got tartar went down an absolute storm. So popular was it that goat now features on the regular restaurant menu in the form of rack of goat with Stawley goats cheese, and fresh pasta with Goat ragu.

The ragu is made with the trimmings so none of the goat is wasted. It has been a real hit with our customers and they really appreciate the story that goes behind it. We are lucky to have worked with the original dairy where the goats came from as we used Stawley goat’s cheese, so the opportunity to work with a product that went full circle was amazing.

As experienced and passionate food lovers you’ll know that there’s a month or a day for pretty much every foodstuff – and every goat must have his day. Well, wait for it…next month has been officially designated Goatober.

#Goatober is the brainchild of Heritage Radio Network Executive Director, Erin Fairbanks, and renowned New York cheesemonger, Anne Saxelby. We have borrowed this fantastic idea (with permission!) as the US team have had so much success in New York restaurants such as Babbo, The Spotted Pig and Gramercy Tavern, promoting goat meat.

This is the first year of Goatober UK and restaurants nationwide are putting a goat dish on the menu for the month of October. More than 30 restaurants are getting goaty, from Michelin starred to street food.

So what are you waiting for, follow the goat.

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