How circularity can shape the future of ‘disposables’

By Safia Qureshi, Founder & CEO CLUBZERØ

Single-use packaging is a global waste crisis and existing solutions do not provide a convenient option or simply do not work for in-store, takeaway and delivery across food and beverage. Current ‘sustainable alternatives’ including BYO (Bring Your Own) have low uptake of approximately 2% due to the inconvenience of carrying them and compostable / biodegradable packaging ends up in mainstream waste contaminating regular plastics material recycling.

CLUBZERØ (Formerly CupClub) was launched in 2018 to meet the demand of consumer convenience by providing a truly sustainable, zero waste alternative. We have pioneered an award-winning reuse system that combines reusable packaging and carriers with smart technology ensuring packaging is used in perpetuity. To date, we have served 3,000+ consumers across cities in Europe and North America, saving 68 tonnes of CO2 and 2.2million+ items of single-use plastics. 

Our vision is to create cities that are zero waste by replacing this concept of a waste economy and transforming it into a reuse economy. If we are to survive through the next 100 years, our cities need to transform to be more sustainable and efficiently managed with a lower carbon footprint and less waste. Our packaging uses half the amount of CO2 compared to single-use packaging and can be used a minimum of 250 times before being fully recycled at the end of its lifecycle.

We provide an easy alternative to single-use for brands across Retail (cafes and restaurants), Non-Retail (offices and universities) and Delivery (online delivery platforms). We work with brands as part of a monthly service agreement, with hosts signing up to a fixed monthly volume of reusable food or beverage containers. Our entire service is provided at a price per use which is comparative to single-use plastic packaging. We are performing across London today with a 95% return rate and the launch of our new technology has made it up to 9 times faster for our Consumers, our Hosts and our Drivers. 

To go zero waste, register as a Host with CLUBZERØ to receive reusable packaging. Daily order volumes can go up to 5,000. Set-up is free of charge, which includes onboarding and digital marketing materials.

Consumers are altered when new Hosts (restaurant or cafe) sign up and can Borrow & Return CLUBZERØ packaging by downloading the CLUBZERØ app. Consumers have 30 days to return their packaging to any CLUBZERØ yellow box or arrange a pick-up in the CLUBZERØ app.

CLUBZERØ Hosts include contract caterers BaxterStorey and CH&Co, London’s largest University campus UCL, food delivery platforms Just Eat and Just Eat for Business, Brands including Nestle (Nescafe), HOP Vietnamese, Notes Coffee Roasters, ATIS, Detox Kitchen and many more. 

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