How to win a Food Made Good Award Part One – What the judges are looking for

You’ve taken the decision to enter the Food Made Good Awards 2019. That tells us that you’re feeling proud about something you or your business has done to make food good. Now you’d like some recognition and to share your recipe for your sustainability success. 

When it comes to shortlisting and deciding on who the winners of the 20 categories will be, there are some key points to bear in mind if you want to really impress our team of judges, made up of SRA board members, sponsors and industry experts. 

First up, ensure you select the right category. Remember what your GCSE history teacher used to tell you? About not just writing everything you know about WWII – but answering the specific question. It’s the same with the awards entries – the more focused you can be on the individual category the better your chances. 

Our judges want to feel, if not taste, the pride you feel in your achievement. That means they’re looking for the perfect combination of passion and proof. So amongst the purple prose do be sure to provide evidence of impact – that could be tonnes of food waste you’ve saved, more plant-based dishes you’ve sold or volumes of plastic you’ve removed from your kitchen.  

Everyone likes to read a story with a happy conclusion, so think about structuring your entry with a beginning, middle and end. What was the problem you set out to fix, how did you do it and what was the result of your initiative.  

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be well on the way to receiving the recognition you deserve and shooting for the stars come the Food Made Good Awards ceremony on 5th November. 

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