In water we Trust: Helping the drinks industry workforce one bottle at a time

By Mark Bickerton, Co-founder, Trust Water 

Trust Water was launched this year to help support those working in the drinks industry, with 100% of net profits from every bottle sold being donated to The Drinks Trust. For those who don’t know, The Drinks Trust is a community organisation for the drinks industry offering support and services, to upskill, broaden members’ knowledge, provide a place to network and learn from one another. It’s also there to support them in challenging times with wellbeing and financial assistance.  

My co-founder, Richard Bailey and I have worked in the drinks and hospitality sector for over 25 years and are delighted to partner with The Drinks Trust on this exciting product range with water from Herefordshire. We are very proud that Trust Water truly gives back to the people who need it most and look forward to speaking to our industry colleagues who are able to support our objectives and contribute to that ripple effect. 

Ross Carter, CEO of The Drinks Trust, emphasises the huge positive potential impact of our partnership. He says: “With 100% of the profits being donated to The Drinks Trust, the number of lives that we can touch will be significantly increased and I hope that everyone in the industry will get behind Trust Water in a show of strength and unity. The hospitality sector continues to struggle in these extraordinary times and support from projects such as this will help our work immensely as more people turn to us needing support or assistance.” 

As well as supporting a brilliant cause, our water is available in recycled PET, glass and environmentally friendly lightweight and refillable aluminium bottles made from 100% recycled aluminium.   Our goal is to raise £500,000 per annum for The Drinks Trust, but this is entirely dependent on key decision makers in the industry making a simple switch over to Trust Water.  

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