Jig caught squid with black cabbage and ink sauce


To feed four
1 large jig caught squid about 800g -1kg cleaned of guts & skin reserving the ink sac & liver
1 onion sliced
Pernod or ricard
275ml fish stock
1 head of Black cabbage or curly kale
1 lemon
1 clove of garlic
pinch of sugar
Virgin olive oil
Virgin rapeseed oil

Recipe Description

Newman Street Tavern Chef Peter Weeden gets his squid direct from Cornish fishermen who use a jig, an artificial lure hand lined from the boat. This is a very targeted technique with a low environmental impact and no by catch.

Score the squid keeping the knife almost horizontal, this will make cuts which allow the squid to cook quickly and evenly without toughening and it looks very pretty too. Cut into large triangles and set aside, separate the tentacles and open the fleshy mouth removing the beaks and the internal meat through which the squid squirts its ink and the fleshy legs on top of the soft pale brown liver. There are a few almost plastic feeling parts which attach the head to the body, trim these as they are a bit too crunchy for most palates.

Brown the onions in a tblsp of rapeseed oil until well browned, add the ink, liver and Pernod. Add the fish stock and simmer for 5 mins. Adjust the seasoning, add a squeeze of lemon then blitz, adding 75 ml of olive oil – keep warm

Strip the kale or cabbage from its thick stalks, fry the garlic in a tblsp of olive oil, add the cabbage and stir fry for 2 minutes, add a 25ml of the fish stock, a pinch sugar and a squeeze of lemon.

Meanwhile heat a large flat pan or have a charcoal fire reach its hottest point, season & either sear for about a minute on each side in a lightly oiled pan or oil & grill over the coals. spoon the sauce onto the 4 plates, pile the cabbage into the middle of this and put the hot squid atop, a spoon of rapeseed oil and squeeze of lemon on the squid will really finish it off.

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