Make every day a Pancake Day

Don’t get me wrong I think Pancake Day is a wonderful thing. Shrove Tuesday, as it’s more formally known, is the last chance to use up all of those foods you aren’t allowed in Lent. But why on earth does it take a day highlighted in the Christian calendar for us to remember the delicious and oh so simple delights of the pancake? Flour, eggs and milk – it doesn’t get much more basic than that. And no, I don’t believe you have to give up those three staples.

At home, why not consider the humble pancake as the perfect vehicle for using up some of the lingering contents in your fridge all year round? They’re cheap, easy to make and ridiculously flexible. Sweet, sour, savoury – flip them whichever way you want.

In fact pancakes must be up there along with soup as one of the very best ways of using stuff up that would otherwise end up in the bin. So tuck in and feel the halo effect as you reduce your food waste.

Our friends at Hubbub are all about telling food waste to Flip Off this Pancake Day. Get involved with #FlippinFoodWaste on TwitterFacebook or Instagram and they’ve got masses of lovely recipes (a number from Food Made Good chefs) for you to choose from that could go some way to reducing the 1 million eggs and 52 million vegetables that end up being wasted every single day in the UK.

Be smart, keep these recipes to hand so that when you find yourself with those core ingredients and some random odds and ends, you’ll be able to cook up a flippin’ storm in the kitchen.

Now back to Pancake Day and a few top tips for where you can go out and enjoy some of the best pancakes around.

  1. Savoury or sweet, The Breakfast Club’s eight cafés have got it covered. And if you REALLY love your pancakes then you might want to think about fasting between now and Tuesday to prepare for a pancake frenzy with their challenge – 12 pancakes in 12 minutes. Win and they’re on the house, lose and you pay full price but all profits go to charity.
  2. Pancakes are always on the menu at Boston Tea Party’s 17 restaurants. And on Tuesday you can tuck into a couple of classics – served with bacon and maple syrup ones or fruit compote with Greek yoghurt . And those lovely West Country folk have been good enough to provide their own recipe.
  3. For those who like the idea of treating Pancake Day like a truly special occasion – here’s one to book up fast: Pancakes and Bottomless prosecco at The Table Café. Now that sounds like no end of fizzy fun. And if your taste buds needed further tantalising, how about Madagascan-vanilla-and-basil-infused-strawberries with lightly-whipped double cream and Canadian maple syrup.

Like we said – pancakes, they’re too good in every way to only enjoy one day of the year.

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