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Chapters Restaurants


Sustainable is of key importance to our business, we strongly believe that it is important to not impact negatively on people and the planet, below are a few of the ways that we are doing this whilst at the same time reading, researching and talking to others about how to continually improve.
By serving a seasonally changing set menu from pre-booked tables only means we can ensure that there is absolute minimal wastage within the kitchen and any food that is uneaten gets composted in the restaurant garden. The garden is new for 2021 and already having a huge impact on the amount of produce we buy, it also give us complete control and knowledge of how things are grown and helps reduce our food miles and carbon footprint.
Wild foods are foraged then preserved enabling us to showcase the seasons during the months of the year when produce is less available. Suppliers are chosen carefully and we tend to go either direct to the farmer for our meat or purchase it from the local butchers which in turn supports the people and families in the town.
We are currently in negotiations to move our energy supplier to one that uses 100% renewable energy which should be in place by September 2021.
All menus are printed on recycled paper and after use shredded and composted.
25p from each meal sold is donated to a local dementia charity, something that is close to the hearts of the owners of the business.
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are themes throughout the business for example with the items used to decorate the restaurant space and around 25% of the crockery coming from antique shops, the art is repurposed from books and the bar created from old scaffolding boards. And we are always looking for ways to improve the amount that gets thrown out – including becoming a drop off location for other businesses for soft plastic recycling, these get collected and then turned into roofing tiles rather than ending up in landfill.
Bi-monthly we drop off batch cooked meals to a local charity ‘Feeding the Homeless Wales’ who distribute these out to those in need.