Cookery School at Little Portland Street


Cookery School at Little Portland Street


Our emphasis is on delicious, flavoursome food using excellent ingredients. All of our meat, poultry, eggs, root vegetables, fruit and wines are always organic, as well as a host of other ingredients. All our classes and courses teach you about seasonality and excellent home-cooking. how you can be more sustainable in the home. Sustainability has always been part of Cookery School’s ethos and is incorporated into our every day in the following ways: – Plastics have been banned on the whole from our kitchen for years. We make sure that our suppliers deliver our produce in containers that we use again and again so to eliminate one-use plastics. – We also always buy our oil in big tins as opposed to plastic bottles so that they can be reused and to prevent the dioxins in the plastics from reactive with the liquid. – We store all our food in glass containers and never use cling film! – Over 75% of our ingredients is sourced locally. – More than 75% of our fresh produce is organic. – Every year we work with local and national charities to raise awareness of sustainability and healthy eating. – We use renewable energy in our kitchens. – We now recycle all of our food waste. – 99% of our supplies arrive in glass or tins, in line with our ‘no plastics’ policy and there’s no cling film in our kitchens. This year, we will do more to cut back on food waste making sure that people who come to our classes are more aware of it. Communicating it. To find alternatives for plastic freezer bags.






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