Over the many years we’ve run Hawksmoor we’ve been inspired by the farmers we work with who practise regenerative agriculture, and by the many restaurateurs who believe in and embody hospitality. REGENERATIVE HOSPITALITY is the principle that by running great restaurants with genuine integrity we can have a positive impact on the people and things we care most about …

• Our customers – who come to us to have their bodies nourished and spirits lifted
• Our staff – who reflect the diverse societies we work in, and who we encourage to be truly themselves, as we try to provide an environment in which they can develop and thrive
• Our community – as we engage via volunteering, fundraising and donation with local, national and international charities who focus on the issues of food and water poverty
• Our industry – by trying with quiet confidence to be a model of how a restaurant business can be run, and directly or indirectly helping others to build better businesses themselves
• The environment – by championing regenerative agriculture and sustainable fishing practises and minimising our carbon footprint

Hawksmoor is clear on its priorities, and we know that true value is built up by keeping them a priority For us, profit is a by-product of getting everything else right, not an end in itself, and not the main reason for anything that we do.

We will do that by focussing on Hawksmoor’s long-established values and setting ourselves goals to improve our impact as we grow, and buck the trend that we perceived as young, independent restaurateurs … that growth involves compromise on the things that matter most.

We should always be aspiring to a just-out-of-reach target, while trying to develop an awareness and strategy of how the gap might be breached. Inevitably, over time, the gap will disappear and a new target will emerge, just out of reach again.