Manchester Metropolitan University


Manchester Metropolitan University


We are one of the UK’s greenest universities, based on our environmental policy, sustainability, and recycling.
Manchester Metropolitan University Catering offers the chance to address a range of sustainability issues. While we aim to provide food that’s healthy, affordable, local, seasonal and nutritious – with plant-based alternatives where possible – we’re also looking to eradicate single-use packaging, cut food waste and reduce both our energy and water consumption.
We have a developed a new Sustainable Food Policy that outlines how we will source and provide food that is better for the environment, good for society and animal welfare.
The University operates Grow Meat Free cafe – a concept developed in collaboration by MetMUnch students and Manchester Met’s catering team, delivering fresh and healthy meat-free food. Staffed by students and offering a packed programme of activities promoting healthy & sustainable life-style.
A local supplier – the Manchester Veg People supply all of our fresh ingredients for our GROW cafe, and where possible (given the regional climate) of our vegetables are grown within 50 miles from our campus.
We are working towards the Fairtrade University Award and will be assessed in 2022. All of our tea, coffee and sugar, together with many of our snacks, drinks and food products are Fairtrade and our hospitality menus highlight Fairtrade products.
We aspire to be a plastic-free University and are taking action to remove unnecessary plastics. We’re working to reduce the consumption of single use plastics, we sell reusable cups and bottles and provide free mains-fed water.