Founded in June 2014 by James, Dom and Tom, the reason that Maray exists at all is because the three co-founders wanted to open somewhere they would want to go themselves, and there was a lack of such places in Liverpool at the time.

From the beginning the three co-founders all had a shared ethos about treating staff correctly, using quality, local produce, and ensuring our impact on the environment is kept to a minimum. We do this through continuous training and development of our people (through internal training and external training such as the WSET II courses for all full-time front of house), having procurement agreements in place with suppliers to favour local growers, and through initiates such as £1 on the bill for Action Against Hunger.

We have worked with Action Against hunger on their ‘Love Food Give Food’ campaign each September and October since 2015, and for the rest of the year we work with a rotating roster of local charities, adding money onto each bill that goes straight to the charity.

In December 2016 we also installed filtered water taps at both of our restaurants and stopped selling packaged water completely.

In May 2017 we stopped using single-use, plastic straws, and replaced them with biodegradable straws.

In September 2018 we joined the ‘Too Good To Go’ app which is dedicated to reducing food waste. We are very keen this year to get to the point where all of the fish on our menu is MSC certified 1-3. This process hasn’t been as simple or quick as we would have liked due to either cost issues, or quality issues, or both! However it remains a commitment of 2018 to get to this point. We also want to push on with our membership of the ‘Too Good To Go’ app and get to 100 meals saved before the end of the year.