Middlesex University

Middlesex University


Middlesex University seeks to continuously improve its environmental and energy performance through the development and delivery of the EcoCampus Environmental management system.

Manage its key environmental aspects, activities, and services, as well as energy performance to prevent and reduce pollution to land, water, and air and minimize its carbon impact

Comply with all relevant legislation, regulations, and other requirements relating to its environmental impacts and energy performance

Communicate to all staff, students, and stakeholders, and make the policy available to all stakeholders on our intranet, UniHub, and corporate website,

The document, implement, maintain, review and continuously improves the Environmental

Management System to reflect changing circumstances

Monitor, measure and review the progress of the environmental and energy targets and objectives, and take appropriate steps to meet them

Work towards improving the environmental impact and energy efficiency of new buildings and refurbishment projects, as well as the purchase of energy-efficient products and services wherever possible

The University will work closely with the Staff, Teaching and Students’ Union as well as Staff Development, to promote environmental sustainability and engage staff and students in the University’s environmental agenda.






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