Mimo UK Experiences Ltd


Mimo UK Experiences Ltd


Your first taste of txakoli, the sight of a bar filled with tapas, the smell of fresh olive oil being pressed, the feel of thinly sliced jamón ibérico between your fingers…your senses are sharper at the source. We believe travel should be unique and personal, but most of all, it should be authentic. Explore a culture through its food and drink, its producers and chefs and the love and “mimo” they put into all their creations.

Since we were founded in San Sebastián, Spain, in 2009, we strive to bring the mimo to visitors who want to immerse themselves in local food culture. Live the Mimo experience on our culinary tours, at our gourmet shops in San Sebastián (Mimo San Sebastián), Sevilla (Mimo Sevilla), and Mallorca (Mimo Mallorca), as well as in our luxury cooking school located in the Hotel Maria Cristina in the centre of San Sebastián. Our team of locals is passionate about sharing their culture, offering a taste of its delicious dishes, and welcoming you into the Mimo family.






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