OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie

OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie


Our team is humbled to be one of only 23 restaurants who were awarded this accolade as it arrives in the UK for the first time. To be recognised by the prestigious Michelin guide for our passion in being more sustainable across our business, while absolutely amazing, simply spurs us on to do more. We continue to look at ways of reducing our impact on the planet by driving change in our industry and the wider community through what we do.

With this award comes added responsibilities to continually challenge the ways in which we work. This includes being aware of where we source our produce and how we use it. Placing great value on relationships with our suppliers, which in turn helps us continue using the best sustainable ingredients from producers who share our passion for a ‘greener’ future.

As a business we battle food insecurity through the OXO Community Kitchen, working with non-profit organisations who bring nutritious meals to those in need, using surplus ingredients destined for waste.

Food waste remains a focal point for us and we work closely with our partners Guardians of Grub to monitor the amount that goes in the bin. By separating and weighing all food waste, we are able to analyze where the problem areas are and how improvements can be made by gaining more of an understanding of where the bulk of food waste comes from (e.g. plate waste or food preparation).

We are privileged to be situated right next to the famous River Thames and our staff have the opportunity to complete regular Thames foreshore clean-ups in partnership with @Thames21 & #ThamesLitterForum. Ridding the oceans of plastic one piece at a time.

We continue to spread the word internally with our team, encouraging a change in mindset. Looking after the planet is the responsibility of everyone. Now more than ever we welcome our guests to join the conversation and share ideas and resources, we are of course in this together.