Poco Tapas Bar

Poco Tapas Bar


Poco is fully committed to consistent improvement in its mission to operate as sustainably as possible. Poco audits each element, from every single ingredient, staff manual, unit of energy consumption, to every kg of waste that is produced.
This year we have been focusing on deepening supplier relationships by hosting a Meet the Producer Series and getting involved with school programmes, such as the Bath Climate Summit.
The brunch and tapas menus evolve with the seasons and feature the whole animal and the whole vegetable, with a predominantly plant-led offering. Straws are no longer and other single-use plastics and coffee cups are being phased out entirely. The bar menu shares the same sourcing ethos and attention to minimising packaging as much as possible.
Every bag of rubbish is weighed and each month we share the data and targets with our team. This year we have been focusing on deepening our supplier relationships. We have been working with local suppliers for the last seven years since opening but decided this year to invite the producers and growers to Poco to present their business to our guests and talk about how they are contributing to a more sustainable food system. Our team visit a supplier every 3 months or so and we have a supplier come to visit us every other staff meeting. One of our main aims was to get our hands in the soil and pick the ingredients ourselves that we put on the menu to get the team connected to the providence of the food.

For the remaining months of 2018 we will be following the lead from Boston Tea Party and work towards eradicating single-use coffee cups. Throughout the process we are hoping to influence other businesses in our local area to do the same.






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