Redroaster / Lucky Khao

Redroaster / Lucky Khao


Redroaster is one of the UKs pioneering specialty coffee houses based down in Brighton. By day, serving as an Australian brunch spot we offer ethically sourced coffee alongside a sophisticated food menu. By night our venue transforms to become Lucky Khao, a northern Thai inspired dining experience.

Running the largest organic coffee roastery in Brighton, we roast our own beans just up the road, sourcing and supplying to businesses like ourselves around the UK. We offer a wide range of blends which we source directly from farms internationally. This has allowed us full traceability on where our beans have come from and how they have been farmed and we’ve built really strong relationships with the people behind our coffee.

We look to source as much as possible from local businesses, ensuring we use fresh, seasonal produce and reduce our carbon footprint. We manage our energy and waste carefully always looking for innovative ways to reduce, reuse or recycle.

Since opening in 2017 we have strived for ways to improve our environmental impact and develop our business mindfully. Each year we work alongside our sister cafe Lucky Beach and our roastery, sharing our profits with our Rwandan coffee farmer’s. This led to construction of a school in Musenyi in 2016 which has now completed. The school construction is part of a wider project which has included safe water, community centre, farm equipment and training, and for 2017/18 a health post (900 patients a month). This year we are going on to work with a local health center to facilitate a ‘nurse swap’, aiming to transfer knowledge and skills between sites.