The Buxton

The Buxton


The Buxton is a ground floor bistro with a 15 bedroom hotel above. Sustainability is at the heart of al that we do. We use our rooftop to grow our own produce, using them for our food and cocktail menus. We only use what is in season, and what is tasting great. We focus on using suppliers who farm in a regenerative way. We work very closely with the fruit and vegetable seasons, ensuring our food is of the highest quality, and extremely fresh, and comes from as close to us as possible. When it comes to fish and seafood, we use day boat where possible and only British. This ensures that the fish is as fresh as it can be, and bought from, and supporting, a small producer. It also means that, if working with small suppliers, with only a few boats, it is more likely that they are catching what is in abundance rather than trying to find a fish that has low stocks, but gets a high price at the market. In our menu we practice Nose to Tail cuisine, doing our best to waste as little or as close to nothing when it comes to animals. Also regarding food waste, we have a couple composter up on our rooftop were we take our raw food waste to, and then use in our planter,boarders where we grow our prudence/ herbs. Meat wise, our beef, lamb and pork are Free range and outdoor reared wherever possible. We have Supplier agreements in place to define how we purchase ingredients, the standards that we work to define our position as a sustainable food business, in a time when there is so much confusion and doubt around food. These principles ensure that we are purchasing ingredients produced to a high environmental and ethical standard, whilst supporting small scale, British agriculture.