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Hospitality & Events (H & E) is the department at The University of Manchester that operates is café’s, restaurants and hospitality services across campus. The University has 40,000 students and 12,000 staff.
The University of Manchester Goal 3 is Social Responsibility, which ensures that sustainability is embedded into everything we at the University do. H & E has targets set in the University Sustainable Resources plan:

We are committed to offering healthy and sustainable catering that is produced, processed and traded in ways that:
? Contribute to the local economies and sustainable livelihoods.
? Avoid damaging our planet.
? Enhance animal welfare.
? Provide social benefits

Within the plan we have a target to achieve 3 Stars from the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) to date we have achieved 3 stars for our Catered Halls and Greenhouse Café and 2 stars for our on campus Bistro.

We have in place the following policies:
• Sustainable Food
• Fairtrade
• Animal Welfare

We have a Sustainability Steering Group that comprises not only our business managers but the General Secretary of the Students Union and other interested executive representatives and members of Environmental & Sustainability team for the University. The steering group meet biannually to review sustainability activity, decide on future actions and progress towards our goal to achieve 3 star SRA rating across the whole business. The University has an Environmental & Sustainability Officer who has commitment to catering within their job description, they work with the various catering teams on our initiatives towards our 3 star status.

Year on year we have improved on our impact on the planet and society with a number of key initiatives in the past 5 years:
Introduction of Meat Free Mondays
Introduced organic milk and 54% of our beef is organic in catered halls
Formed a partnership with Manchester veg-box scheme
Introduced tray free dining in catered halls, encouraging students to select what they actually will eat rather than fill their tray, food waste recycling in our dining areas in catered halls
Food waste recycling into all our kitchens across campus
Opened a vegetarian café on campus
Implemented a land army student volunteer scheme
Daily vegan option delivered in catered halls
Introduced wonky-veg campaign in catered halls
Paid the National Living Wage Foundation rate to all catering staff
Delivery of an annual food sustainability event
Compostable hot drinks cups and takeaway packaging introduced
Marine Stewardship Council Certification awarded to FoodInResidence (Catered Halls)
Introduced a re-useable mug a bamboo Eco Cup mug and an incentive to reuse which included a reusable water bottle
Deliver a fresh fruit and veg stall each Wednesday to students using when possible Manchester Veg people produce (organic local produce)
Food waste is distributed through “Humanity Giving Back” a charity that distributes this to organisations across Manchester who support vulnerable people
Introduced a street food market in 2016 that provides a weekly market on campus for local artisan food producers and local street food vendors






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