The Wheatsheaf at Chilton Foliat

The Wheatsheaf at Chilton Foliat


We follow a very Italian way of living… we are creating a sense of place, an expression of the land, terroir (in France), and we do this by sourcing 80% of produce from within 30 miles, 50% from within 20 miles. To force ourselves to source within our guidelines the produce tastes better, the transport is less so the supplier saves money and emissions, we eat and cook according to the climate we live in immediately, the local economy thrives, our customers are more connected to nature and therefore the experience is greater, our recycling and waste is now almost zero, we use a nose to tail philosophy for all produce (not just meat) meaning no waste on the farm. We most proud of our connection to Hungerford Park, my parents farm whom we work with to achieve unique and wonderful produce and a story like no other. This year we have been focusing on waste. By maximising the use of the whole product, a complete nose to tail ethos on fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. Also on how to manage food waste – we are going to implement a womery to digest all our food and paper waste.






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