Yellow Door at Hillsborough Castle Ltd

Yellow Door at Hillsborough Castle Ltd


The Yellow Door Cafe and the Stableyard Tearooms at Hillsborough Castle in N.Ireland opened in early 2019.
Local sourcing and supporting other artisan food and drink producers has always been at the core of everything we do.
We are incredibly lucky to have the Hillsborough Castle 4 acre walled garden outside our door and utilise all of the produce which the garden team provide for us an a daily basis. We can also compost veg, tea, egg shell and coffee waste on site.
We source our dairy and meat locally and only use free range chicken. A list of our suppliers is available at
We use Fairtrade coffee and tea and ensure that we are sourcing sustainable seafood from our suppliers.
We segregate and recycle all our waste and compost our non meat food waste;
We have almost eliminated the use of single use plastics and the sale of drinks in plastic bottles. Packaging is either 100% compostable or recyclable.
We treat our employees well and feed them at work, with all permanent members of staff paid the Real Living Wage. We use 2 social enterprises as suppliers.
In our first year we won numerous awards for our food, and also the “Most Responsible Business” award at the Lisburn City & Castlereagh Borough Council Business Awards.
More details on our environmental policy can be found on our website






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