Young & Co's Brewery PLC

Young & Co's Brewery PLC


Whilst everyone loves a good pickled egg we are proud to say that pub food has come a long way in the last 188 years. Our seasonal menus are teeming with local produce, highlighting the best of British cuisine and supporting local farmers and suppliers from around the British Isles.

Of course, knowing the provenance of our food is something that we are incredibly proud of and our work with local independent suppliers both on land and at sea continues to grow year on year.

With awareness around the health of our oceans rising and consumers demanding a more environmentally friendly product on their plates, we’re pleased to say that sustainably sourced seafood is very much part of our food strategy.

Here at Young’s we’re proud to support independent fisheries and fisherman, sourcing sustainably caught day boat fish as part of our seafood offering. Our Skipper’s Catch is a regular feature across our pubs, caught on the day boats, returned to the harbour, delivered straight to the market and then direct to pub. It’s so fresh, we can even tell you the name of the boat and day and time it was caught. Find out more about what we’re working on here