More customers, less waste

Rebecca Wetten, Head of Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants – UK, at KARMA, an app that helps you save great food from being wasted
⅓ of all food is wasted and, as well as the environmental and ethical issues with this, the global economic loss of this in-store is $100 billion.

Karma is a Swedish-born food waste app that launched across London in 2018. The app allows Londoners to buy high-quality, heavily-discounted food directly from local restaurants, cafes, delis, and other independent food retailers – serving up a diverse range of delicious cuisines, from fresh Hawaiian poké to indulgent vegan brownies, buttery French croissants to Taiwanese bubble teas. Since its launch, Karma’s 100,000 London users and 600 restaurants and independent food retailers in the UK capital have together saved tens of thousands of tonnes of fresh consumable food from being sent to landfill and reduced CO2 emissions by 120,000kg.

Karma enables operators to minimise food waste, increase revenues, reach a new base of conscientious customers, engage staff and demonstrate that they are ethical businesses. Using Karma alone, our top partner is generating over £21,000 per month in revenue on food that would otherwise go to waste, and has reduced their wastage by over 90%.

Since January they have had 1,400 customers come through their doors thanks to Karma.

Any food service provider can join Karma for free, build a substantial follower base, then whenever you have food that would otherwise be wasted, you can upload it to the app in 30 seconds. Customers purchase the food through the app and collect onsite, and Karma charges a small percentage of each order value.

Firstly, acknowledge and measure your wastage.

Ask yourself questions along the lines of: what do you do on days when stock and demand do not match? How does seasonality affect your stock? Do you sometimes have ingredients that could be whipped up into a meal instead of going to waste? Secondly, join Karma. Even if you are already taking the issue seriously and are being proactive about minimising wastage, Karma is the marketplace to connect restaurants who are proactively doing good for the planet with like-minded consumers. It would be mad not to show you’re part of this movement.

For more information about how you and your business can benefit from Food Waste: Bad Taste click here.

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