#NationalTeaDay | Top tips for a sustainable bank holiday brew | Canton

Author: Jennifer Wood – Head of Tea – Canton

Tea has been shamefully cheap for too long. Beautiful, hand-crafted tea, made in small batches and bought direct from either family-run farms or from reputable estates affords a fair price to the producers and is still good value. If you serve it with care and learn about the teas you stock you can still make justifiably great margins.


  1. Know your supplier.

Provenance is crucial. Make sure your tea partner has full transparency about where their tea comes from. The bullseye is if they buy direct from the source and have a good trading relationship with the primary producers. That way you know the tea you serve is fresh and seasonal with consistent quality.


  1. Have tea that’s been shipped by sea not air. 

It takes longer but it’s not being flown over as a PR stunt to compete to be the first on the market with a new season flush.


  1. Use loose tea where possible.

If you do want to use teabags say for take-out, then choose biodegradable pyramid bags that do not contain plastic. And make sure they are served in reusable, or at the very least, recyclable cups.


  1. Is your water boiler energy efficient?

With the Marco 3 button Mix it has 3 temperature settings. You get an exact amount of water at the temp you need. Particularly good for a lower temperature say for green tea.

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