New partnership means sustainability on tap

Born in the city, brewed in the country. That’s the story behind Freedom Brewery one of Britain’s most sustainable and largest independent beer makers, and we’re thrilled that we can now reveal them as a new partner of the SRA.

Originally found in London, Freedom moved to its current home in the heart of rural Staffordshire, laying down deep sustainable roots in the heart of brewing country just outside Burton.

Its five beers include vegan and organic brands and they all represent the choices they have made as a brewery and the inherent quality of the brewing operation.

Freedom’s philosophy is built around the concept of choice and it is keen to work with us to further improve the experience of the all those working in our fantastic hospitality industry.

Our partnership with Freedom will focus on an exciting program to recognise and support the remarkable staff who are the backbone of our industry and we’re delighted that the brewery, which already supplies a number of SRA members, will sponsor our Treating People Fairly award at the Food Made Good Awards 2017.

We’ll be working closely with Freedom on an exciting new campaign that’s aimed squarely at achieving this great goal – we’ll be sure to update you on this just as soon as we’re ready to announce the initiative. Save to say, we think both you and your employees will really love it and see the benefit.

While employee treatment, one of the key Society issues, will be the focus of our partnership with Freedom, the brewery is already built on the firm foundations of the other two pillars of sustainability, Sourcing and Environment.

Having worked for years running the award-winning London pub group Cubitt House, an SRA founder member, it’s no surprise that Freedom chairman Stefan Turnbull would oversee a sustainable ship.

The brewing process can be wasteful, but at sustainability runs throughout the brewing process at Freedom. All of the waste water is processed through a natural reed bed. As for the spent grain, that’s delivered to a local farm to feed the cattle who also get to bed down on the waste paper from the plant. To add further to its sustainability credentials, thermal fluid ensures an energy efficient plant.

These are the sort of credentials that any business would be proud and we at the SRA are now proud to call them partners. Cheers!


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