One meat free step for the planet

By Jen Shepherd, Campaign Manager, World Meat Free Day

We’re calling on the foodservice industry to go ‘meat free’ on Monday 13 June 2016 – World Meat Free Day – and together we’ll raise awareness of food security issues linked to overreliance on meat.

Eating less meat means a healthier, balanced diet that’s better for our planet and fairer to our food systems too. With the population set to rise by more than 30% by 2050*, demand for meat simply cannot be met.

That’s why, by making a few small changes on World Meat Free Day, you can make a massive difference. If just ONE of your customers gave up meat for a single day you could help them:

  • Save the equivalent daily water usage of nine people
  • Generate a carbon saving equivalent to boiling a kettle 388 times
  • A fat saving of 11g, that’s two2 teaspoons of butter

Reducing meat consumption could also have a huge impact on people’s diets in terms of saturated fat, calorie intake and fibre content too.

Are you planning a meat free revolution for World Meat Free Day? Drive supporters to your business by emailing [email protected] with your name, address, phone number, website and any offers you’re running on the day, and the lovely people at World Meat Free Day will add you to their online restaurant finder which will be live by the end of the week. You might also like to email them a revolutionary recipe and it could appear on the blog!

In preparation for the big day, you can also tweet your World Meat Free Day menu with the hashtag #WorldMeatFreeDay, tagging @Meat_Free_Day.

So do your bit for the planet now, and help your customers make a world-changing difference this World Meat Free Day.

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