Our guide to avoiding lockdown foodwaste

With the impending closure of hospitality from Thursday, we’re keen as ever to reduce the chance of your well sourced ingredients, going to waste. If you’re looking at your restaurant kitchen’s cupboards and fridges and thinking your ingredients won’t survive the indefinite shelf life of lockdown, these are the organisations for you:


What kind of food? Any prepped food, or whole foods with a less than three day expiry which is ready to be redistributed. Perfect for adhoc collections as restaurants close dine-operations, and for any surplus which continues as restaurants operate as takeaways

Ideal hospitality business type? Any

SRA Member benefit: Free trial through November for SRA members

Next steps: Register through this link.


What kind of food? Any surplus food whatsoever. This could be prepped foods, meals, and/or wholefoods. Perfect for businesses with surplus portions ready to be sold as restaurants close dine-in operations, and for any surplus takeaway meals for businesses operating during lockdown.

Ideal hospitality business type? Any

SRA Member benefit: First year’s admin fee is waived (£39.99 ex VAT)

Next steps: Click and register on this link. It takes 30 seconds to complete the form and you’ll be up and running in no time

Please also find our food waste redistribution toolkit which outlines additional options which may suit your business.

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