Prisoners lead training way

Nine prisoners at HMP Brixton are celebrating having become the first to complete the SRA’s new sustainability training, face-to-face.

SRA Training Manager Bairbre Doyle was delighted to return to the south London prison, home of The Clink Restaurant, just weeks after she and SRA Account Manager Shruti Choudhary delivered the Foundation in Foodservice Module to the prisoners, to present the prisoners with their certificates.

All of the Clink restaurants have demonstrated their commitment to sustainability since the first, High Down, joined the SRA and offering their trainees this opportunity to broaden their knowledge is a further demonstration of that commitment.

The prisoners excelled in the training, far exceeding the 75% pass mark and are now able to implement their new-found knowledge on a daily basis in the restaurant.

Jane Sanderson, Head of Operations at the Clink, said: “The Clink Restaurant at HMP Brixton is delighted to work in partnership with the SRA to pilot the foundation in food service sustainability module. Our prisoners in training were very motivated and engaged throughout their training. All of them gained a new qualification and passed the test scoring a minimum of 96% with one of the trainees scoring 100%.

“They are now applying what they have learnt into their daily tasks at The Clink Restaurant. For example, they will encourage their colleagues who didn’t participate in the course to turn the tap off when it’s not being used to conserve water.

“We will now work with the SRA to develop an action plan to maintain our focus on sustainable practices at The Clink Restaurant and source funding to enable us to roll this module out across The Clink Restaurant sites.”

The nine trainees were awarded their ‘Foundation in Foodservice Sustainability CPD Accreditation’ which earns them four CPD credits each which they can log on their CV and use for future personal development. They’ll also be putting their new skills into practice by taking on responsibility for the restaurant’s sustainability rating report action plan.

Other organisations to have completed the training include: City University, London School of Economics, Vacherin, Natoora and HQ Theatres.

For more information about the SRA’s Sustainability Training contact Bairbre at [email protected]

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